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“I just wanted to say thank you so much for another great meeting last night. I can’t tell you how much I am getting out of the meetings and being part of such a warm and friendly community. I really feel like I’ve found my tribe and it is helping me with my business in so many ways I didn’t imagine. Every meeting I come away with something really useful, and I go home on such a high.

I really admire what you have created – I think the formula you have is spot on and the vibe is fantastic. I am so happy to now be a member and be part of such a great community.”

Marie Wright, Bold Bean Coaching

“Joining MIBS has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. An amazing, inspiring and supportive group of women – many of whom have become friends as well as clients. A big thank you to Claire too who organises us all so well!!”

Lynne Meek, Styling Matters

“Such a lovely group – so supportive, friendly and inspirational.”

Jane Parker, Alphabetty

“I am very new to networking and in January stepped out of my comfort zone and went along on my own for the first time to Sevenoaks MIB Network. It was a fantastic evening, I received such a warm welcome and became a member afterwards. Not only are the meetings a great chance to chat with other mums who understand what it’s like to run your own business but I also learn so much from the guest speakers, each time I come away with even more fire in my belly to drive my business forward.”

Carol Lombard, Cookies Kitchen

“I am pleased I found this group. I enjoyed last night, the group was varied, all ages, backgrounds and business; everybody friendly and helpful.   I loved the talk, Hilary was fantastic, her approach and sensibility helped me a lot, Big Thank you.”

Carmen Brown

“When I first started my business I felt daunted at the prospect of networking so it was a relief when I found TW Mums in Business; everyone is so welcoming and supportive, the group is really well facilitated by the lovely Claire, and there are always an array of interesting and informative speakers to help develop your knowledge around various aspects of running a business. The group also raises money for local children’s charities so while being a member is good for you and your business it is also doing good for the local community as well. A Win Win!”

Hilary Lees, Essence Coaching

“I joined Tunbridge Wells Mums in Business nearly 3 years ago and I look forward to our monthly meetings greatly.

Getting together in the evening after the working day is done, is a wonderful way to de-stress with likeminded busy working mums. We share our experiences and have a fabulously supportive and informative group. The variety of topics that our speakers have covered is amazing, providing really useful professional advice and coping mechanisms for the work/life balance that we all have to manage daily.

Our meetings are friendly, often noisy affairs, we enjoy social events with Christmas dinner and summer drinks and have an annual Speed networking event which is a fabulous opportunity to meet new people and businesses.
Claire keeps us all in order with updates, information on events and opportunities for feedback and the sharing of expertise with consummate skill and good humour.”

Nicky Percival, Nicky Percival Architecture & Design

“I relocated to Tunbridge Wells and I didn’t know a soul.  That didn’t last long because I joined Mums in Business and discovered a circle of supportive, friendly and like minded business owners.  I received a warm welcome and found my first meeting really easy as it is a combination of talking with others on your table and then listening to an interesting guest speaker.  There is no pressure to stand up and give an elevator pitch, or even talk in front of the whole group.  If you prefer to just listen, you can.  There is a huge range of talent, experience and business types all willing to share and support you.  I have benefitted both commercially and personally from being part of this lovely group.”

Claire Wilson, Clairetrainer

“I’m not a natural networker and had all kinds of preconceptions about joining a networking group – all of them wrong, as it turns out! TW Mums in Business is the first networking group I’ve ever belonged to and I love it. You get so much support from all the other mums, plus you get to know so much about other businesses in the area. I think mums running businesses have specific needs – we all have school runs and dinner to make, in between trying to manage our work. You don’t have to explain the time/energy limitations on your workload – we all know! Do come along – lots of fun, really interesting talks and lovely people of course.”

Dawn Quest, Meals our Kids Love

“For a warm and friendly welcome, professional support and excellent, interesting and fun events with like-minded, ambitious, talented women (and also superbly run), I cannot recommend the TW Mums in Business Group highly enough. Happy member since Jan 2016.”

Kerri Pritchard, Logbox Firewood

“Great networking, social and fun, brilliantly organised by lovely Claire.”

Karen Martin, Hypnotherapy Kent

“I love going to the Tun Wells Mums in Business meetings. To be honest it often feels like an evening out with friends – it’s just we are organised friends who have interesting talks too! I have made some good contacts here and worked with quite a few of the other ladies in the group, either helping their business and putting work their way or getting helpful advice and working with them to improve the service my own company offers. If you are thinking of joining – don’t think about it) just JOIN!! 🙂 That’s if there is room at the moment as there is often a waiting list – which says it all!”

Mandie Davis, Les Puces