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Membership Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you read, understand and accept these terms and conditions before joining S+TW MIBs.

Membership eligibility

  1. Membership is only open to mums, dads and grandparents with primary childcare responsibility who have their own business which is managed around childcare responsibilities.  Members should also be local and live or work within 20 miles of Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks.
  2. Following discussion within the group we have introduced a cap whereby no more than 2 directly competing businesses may be members of S+TW MIBs at the same time except in certain cases where it is mutually agreed by everyone concerned.  We will take reasonable measures to assess the extent of the competition and may contact existing members to clarify any overlap.  Our decision to allow or refuse membership on this basis is final and must be accepted by existing and potential members.
  3. Whilst it is not possible for us to “police” eligibility, we reserve the right to refuse membership should these eligibility conditions not be adhered to, or to withdraw membership without justification or refund of fees in the event that an individual joins and does not fulfill these requirements.
  4. Appropriate and suitable businesses only – We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw membership if we feel that it is inappropriate for you or your business to belong to S+TW Mums in Business and may be of a detriment to the broader group’s reputation.


  1. Sharing your contact details – We will not share the information you provide in your membership joining form with any third parties EXCEPT your name, website URL, business email address and brief business description upon request and if we have reason to believe it will be of benefit to you e.g. in the event that someone asks us if one of our members provides a specific service.  We will not share your details to any 3rd party for the purposes of group communication, research etc.
  2. We take no responsibility nor accept any liability for the misuse of any information by other Members.

Membership fees, renewals and cancellations

  1. Membership start date Your membership will commence on the 1st date of the calendar month during which you join or as agreed in writing with the group organiser.
  2. Renewal Membership is thenceforth for one calendar year from that date.  We will contact you for payment approximately 1 month before the annual renewal is due.  Payment is due on or before the annual anniversary otherwise your membership will cease.  In some circumstances renewed membership may not be available.
  3. Membership period – Membership is on an annual basis and cannot be cancelled mid-term except in exceptional circumstances at the decision of the organiser.
  4. Withdrawal of membership – In the event that we need to withdraw your membership because you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria, we reserve the right to offer a full or partial refund on a purely discretionary basis.
  5. Termination of S+TW MIBs  – In the event that the current organiser in unable to continue to organise S+TW MIBs and a suitable replacement organiser is not able to offer a comparable service, you will be entitled to a refund of the pro-rated amount remaining of your membership period based on 1/12 of the fee paid per calendar month that the group has been active.

Your Obligations

As a condition of acceptance of membership and the display of your business details on the Website, you warrant that:-

  1. You will comply with these terms and conditions as may vary from time to time.
  2. You will comply with the rules and regulations of S+TW Mums in Business as may vary from time to time.
  3. All information you provide to us about yourself is true and correct and that you will keep us updated of all changes.
  4. You will comply with all relevant laws of the United Kingdom and elsewhere.
  5. You will behave in a respectful, pleasant and appropriate manner at meetings and in the Facebook Group and any other S+TW Mums in Business events.
  6. You will at all times promote the Website and S+TW Mums in Business Group in a responsible and honourable manner and will not cause damage to the reputation, good standing or otherwise bring the Website or the networking group or its members into disrepute.
  7. You will not use the word Tunbridge Wells Mums in Business, Sevenoaks Mums in Business, TW Mums in Business, S+TW Mums in Business, TW MIBs, SMIBs S+TWMIBs or any other word or words which may together or separately imply a name similar to S+TW Mums in Business as part of the name of your business or in promotional material for your business without the express written consent of S+TW Mums in Business and will indemnify S+TW Mums in Business in respect of any loss arising therefrom and this obligation will continue after your membership ceases.
  8. Any promotional material or free specimens provided by you to S+TW Mums in Business shall not be returned or refunded nor will you entitled to compensation thereof.
  9. All information and advice supplied to you from S+TW Mums in Business, the Website or any of its Members shall be used by you entirely at your own risk and you alone will be responsible for acting upon such information as you deem appropriate whether or not the information you have been given is correct.

The Website and our Facebook groups

  1. You own all necessary property rights and are legally entitled to provide, distribute or display such information as you may upload to the Website or deliver by whatsoever means to other members of S+TW Mums in Business.
  2. You will be personally liable for all information which you post or upload to the Website and/or our Facebook group.
  3. You will not upload to the Website or Facebook group or otherwise allow or permit to be seen any material which is defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, harassing, obscene, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, pornographic, or otherwise in violation of any UK Laws relating to on-line conduct and with any applicable international laws.
  4. You will permit other users of the Website and Facebook group and members of S+TW Mums in Business free use of material and information you post or upload to the Website.
  5. You will ensure that all material or content that you upload is free of software viruses or other does not cause or result in damage to the Website or Facebook group whereupon you will be liable to compensate S+TW Mums in Business for any damage howsoever caused.