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Please complete the form below to apply to join either Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks (or both) Mums in Business.  We will review your application and get back to you as quickly as we can.

Competing businesses – In order to keep a good balance within the group we have a limit of no more than 2 members from directly competing businesses (with historical exceptions) in Tunbridge Wells, and currently 1 in Sevenoaks.

Waiting list  – If we’re not able to accept you at the moment because of the cap we’re very happy to keep you on our waiting list ready if circumstances change.

Basis of membership – Membership is per individual (not per business) and is not transferable.  Partnership membership is also available if you are both mums representing the same business and would like the option for one or both of you to attend any meeting. Please get in touch for details.

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