Hang on a jiffy...

The Package

Different territory sizes to suit your needs and lifestyle

We have 4 different territory sizes available to suit your needs, the areas you would like to grow your own business in, and your time availability.  Each group will require you to run one evening meet-up per month in a particular area. The majority of other activities and tasks are undertaken online, with the potential for you to also run training workshops if you’d like to do so.

You can take on an area containing:

  • 1 group
  • 2 groups
  • 4 groups
  • 8 groups

What the package includes…

The package also includes:

  • Exclusive franchise territory
  • Full initial training in all areas of the business and ongoing support
  • Ongoing support and regular business updates
  • Rights to use the MIB Network brand name
  • A dedicated area of our website which will be developed and maintained for you
  • Processes, systems and templates to run the business
  • Marketing templates, images and logo
  • Email marketing templates set-up
  • Facebook groups set-up
  • Projector and clicker
  • Paypal card payment machine
  • Signage pack and 2 pop-up banners
  • Member binder sample
  • Bell and whistle (you’ll need these!)
  • Stationery package