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The Opportunity


Why choose a MIB Network franchise?

Here are just a few of the benefits of being a MIB Network franchisee…

1. We’re family friendly and offer a flexible, part time opportunity which you can largely run from your home

MIB Network is run by mums in business for mums in business, so you can run your franchise around your family commitments on a part-time basis.

2. Your franchise can either be run on its own or to complement another business

You may wish to run the franchise as your sole business, but if you’re already self-employed it’s also perfect to run around your own business and can complement it incredibly well by raising your profile and establishing you as a champion of women, mums and small businesses.

3. Low risk and low overheads

The costs and overheads involved in running your franchise are minimal.

4. Proven business formula

We have been running MIB Network for almost 10 years and have perfected the way we do things, giving us an excellent reputation for providing supportive, inspiring, friendly and educational networking communities and events for mums in business.

5. We will provide all the training, support and equipment you need

  • As a MIB Network franchisee you will have the opportunity to build a successful business with the training, support and experience of an established business behind you. We have a proven business model which will form the basis on which your franchise operates.
  • We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry we work in. You can tap into our extensive experience and we will guide you every step of the way. We’re passionate about what we do and want to make┬ásure’re able to provide only the very best to your customers.
  • A MIB Network Franchise gives you the potential to earn anywhere between a good supplemental to high income (depending on the territory size you choose) with low overheads in a growing market.
  • Our franchise also helps you position yourself as a champion of women, mums and business owners and become a key influencer in your local community, and can be a valuable addition if you plan to run it around your own existing business.
  • There is the opportunity to own and grow your own franchise business with the potential to provide you with a valuable, saleable asset in the future.

6. Exclusive territory available in 3 different sizes to suit your lifestyle and to work around your family and business

Each franchisee is given an exclusive territory to work within. This means that only you can operate and market within your chosen area. We have 3 different territory sizes available to suit your lifestyle and work around your other commitments.

7. Recognised Company Branding

Our branding is distinctive and is increasingly recognised throughout the UK giving you the credibility and confidence to build an amazing and successful business community.

A typical month in the life of a franchisee…

As a MIB Network franchisee you will be able to largely work from your own home office, fitting it around your family working flexible hours.

The core of MIB Network franchise is running a monthly evening networking event per group, supplemented by Facebook group activities, training events either during school hours or evenings to suit you, and a valuable local business directory.

During the course of a typical month you will usually be doing the following:

  • Plan, promote, organise and a monthly meeting per group including liaising with speakers and venues
  • Follow up with event attendees to make sure they enjoyed it and to make them realise how valued they are
  • Personally communicate with your members and be aware if they’ve been quiet, are having any difficulties or need support
  • Implement regular bite-sized activities in your member Facebook groups
  • Organise and run training events either using your own skills or by collaborating with others
  • Respond to membership enquiries and administer and welcome new joiners
  • Build links with local businesses
  • Promote your local directories and encourage participation
  • Communicate with members and your emailing list to let them know what events are coming up and how they can book
  • Liaise with Head Office for your website area to be updated with your events and directories
  • Keep your accounts up to date
  • Be present regularly on social media to support the brain and forge links with local businesses and mums
  • Attend local business events
  • Look at new ways to reach more potential customers in your area
  • Send head office pictures and reviews from your customers for your website page or Facebook page

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